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Action Camera Mounting for Motorbikes: A Rider's Guide

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Action Camera Mounting for Motorbikes: A Rider's Guide


Capturing exciting motorbike footage requires solid action cam mounting. This guide covers various mounting options for stability during rides plus tips for optimizing viewpoint and protecting your gear. Learn techniques to mount cams on helmets, bikes, and your body - and start recording those thrilling track and trail adventures.

Helmet Camera Mounts

Helmets offer multiple positioning options:

Side of Helmet

Angled on the side captures rider point of view along with some bike.

Chin Mount

The chin area points the camera forward overlooking controls and road.

Top of Helmet

Mounting on top provides a balanced perspective. Ensure it's secure at high speeds.

Bike Mounting Locations

Consider these spots on the motorbike itself:


Attaching to handlebars shows control inputs and dash view.

Front Fender Mount

The front fender provides a full front facing angle.

Swing Arm Pivot Point

Mounting near the rear wheel swing arm evenly captures the bike.

Optimizing the Riding Footage

Use these tips for better video:

Angle Slightly Downward

Point the camera angle slightly below horizontal to include the dash and road.

Use Lens Filters

Polarization filters reduce glare and show instrument cluster screens clearly.

Stabilize Bumpy Footage

Use a mechanical or digital stabilization gimbal for smoother videos over bumps.


With sturdy helmet, bike, and body mounting and some filming technique refinement, action cams can capture exhilarating rider's eye view motorbike footage. Just be sure to protect your camera from vibration, debris, and weather during those extreme rides!


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