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Filming Outdoor Adventures: Using Action Cameras in Nature

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Filming Outdoor Adventures: Using Action Cameras in Nature


Want to capture your outdoor trips without juggling bulky camera gear? Acton cams like GoPros make it easy to film hiking, biking, paddling and all kinds of adventures. But using them effectively outdoors does take some preparation and know-how. This guide covers tips for securing action cams, protecting them from the elements, maximizing battery life, and capturing the best outdoor footage.

Mounting Options for Hands-Free Use

Mounting allows continuous filming while staying active:

Head Straps or Helmet Mounts

Get a first-person view of trails or slopes. Position towards the side for a better angle.

Chest Harnesses

Chest mounts add stability compared to head placement when mountain biking or similar pursuits.

Pole Mounts

Capture selfie-style footage kayaking or hiking using extension poles and clamps.

Protecting Your Camera from the Elements

Outdoor conditions can damage unprotected gear:

Waterproof Housing

Enclosed housings fully protect against splashing, rain, and submersion with good audio clarity.

Lens Filters

Add filters to shield the lens from fingerprints, fog, sand abrasion, and impacts.

Drying Kits

Absorb interior moisture immediately after water activities to prevent internal fogging or corrosion.

Maximizing Battery Life

Extend filming time away from chargers:

Pack Spare Batteries

Carry twice the batteries you expect to need. Swap out and recharge during long days.

Know Operating Temperatures

Cold weather reduces battery life. Keep batteries warm in jackets when possible.

Turn Off When Not Filming

Don't let cameras idle to conserve battery between shots.


With smart preparation and the right techniques, action cams can capture stunning outdoor footage without weighing you down. Use robust mounts, protect against the elements, manage battery life, and you’re ready to document your wildest adventures in nature!


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